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Governor Robert F. McDonnell and Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources Dr. Bill Hazel named Delegate Patrick A. Hope to the Virginia Health Reform Initiative.  Hope is the only House Democrat named to the bipartisan group.

The Virginia Health Reform Initiative Council was formed to prepare Virginia for the implementation of federal health reform by planning for the expansion of Medicaid eligibility.  It will also be charged to pursue reforms to ensure a safe, effective, and high quality health care delivery system while reducing costs.

Delegate Patrick Hope stated, "The success or failure of health care reform now falls on the shoulders of states across the nation to implement this historic law.”  Del. Hope added, “We must put aside our partisan differences over the new law and come together as Virginians to help transform the Commonwealth’s health care delivery system in a way that improves quality, produces better patient outcomes, and reduces health care costs.  Failure is not an option.”

Hope concluded, “I am honored and privileged to have been selected by the Governor and the Secretary to serve the Commonwealth in this capacity.  This is an historic opportunity to shape health care policy in such a way that will improve the lives of every single Virginian.  Virginia cannot afford business as usual and I look forward to the challenge.”